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           Indentification  of The Statistical Centre of Iran(SCI)                    

 The Statistical Centre of Iran(SCI) has been defined as a government organization affiliated  to the Management and Planning Organaization. Moreover the SCI enjoys another legal status as the secretariat of the High in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Council of Statistics(the highest reference for policy making in the field of official statistics) for coordinating and leading statistical system of the country. The organization chart of the SCI as the authorize reference for producing, information and dissemination of official statistics in the country in 1390(2011), consisting of 3 deputies was revised and approved, office of the head  and Statistical  Research and Training Centre(independent)for the purpose of performing new functions.

 1-Deputy for Economy and National Accounts

 The deputies major duties: policy making, managing and implementing activities related to designing, planning and coordinating in preparing national accounts, price indices , calculating  indicators for macro plans and policies, endevour for establishment of national statistical standards, diverting and monitoring administrative organizations in statistics production and promotion and upgrading of maps and spatial information based on statistical data in areas. Preparation of statistical yearbooks and diverting activities varrous to ensure quality of data produced within statistical  surveys. Offices  functioning under of the deputy are as introduced follows:

 ·        Office of economic accounts

 ·        Office of price indices

 ·        Office of calculation of macro plan and policies indicators

 ·        Office of standards and statistical surveys supervision

 ·        Office of maps and spatial information


2- Deputy for Surveys and Register-based Statistics

 The major duties; policy making, managing and implanting  activities related to designing, planning and coordinating in processes of data production as well as, assessment and identification of statistical requirements  in involvement completion and promotion of statistical items sets in various areas such as population, manpower, households income and expenditure, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, trade, infrastructural affairs, constructions, communications, health quality ,culture, public and social services, etc. Study on production processes and evaluation of administrative registers in the other organizations, updating statistical frames and designing sample surveys are also among this deputy’s duties. Offices  functioning under  the deputy are  introduced as below:

 ·        Office of Statistical Methodology and Sample Surveys

 ·        Office of Population and Labor Force Statistics and Censuses

 ·        Office of Manufacturing, Mining and Infrastructural Statistics

 ·        Office of Agriculture Statistics

 ·        Office of Cultural, Trade and Service Statistics


3- Deputy for Development of Resources, Logistics and Provinces Affairs

 major duties of  this deputy  includes; study and implementation of the plans for human  resources  development, supervision over provision, allocation and spending of financial resources, implementing administrative promotion plans, establishing modern management systems, logistics and supply of equipment, and facilities necessary for performing  SCI’s specialized  duties and activities and adjusting relations and coordinating with statistical  offices  located in provinces for performing duties assigned by the SCI. General Departments of this deputy are introduced as below:

 ·        General Department for Development of Human Resources and Logistics

 ·        General Department of Financial Affairs and Auditing


4-office of the head:

 4-1-Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

 Major  duties of this centre comprise; planning and monitoring over implementation of ICT comprehensive system, designing, managing, establishment and specialized support of the country's National Statistical Network, scientific, applied and comparative study for using modern methods and instruments applicable in different steps of sample surveys and censuses, design, establish, operate, optimize, promote and to support  as well as acting to security of hardware system , communication network and data bases of SCI and managing customer relationship system and  information dissemination of SCI’s services and products through  electronic devices. Deputies functioning under  this centre are introduced as below:

 ·        Deputy for statistical database

 ·        Deputy for System and Software Services

 ·        Deputy for Network and Computer Services


4-2- Office of Planning, Performance Monitoring and Secretariat of High Council of Statistics

 major duties of this office include; managing definition and fulfillment of strategic elements of SCI through determination and  adjustment of short- term, medium-term and long-term plans and objectives, implementing the processes of performance evaluation and assessing for fulfillment of the executive elements to improve SCI’s performance, organizing and coordinating in designing National Statistics Plan, managing for holding meetings and administrative affairs of the High Council of Statistics and adjusting the relationships between the elements within the country's statistical system.


4-3- Office of the Head, Public Relations and International  cooperation

 major duties of this office are; managing and implementing  all activities related to public relations(publicity, reporting and publications),translation of documents and making arrangments for developing international  cooperations and doing the daily affairs of the office of the head aiming at attracting trust, and the users support by managing efficient relations.

 4-4-Statistical Research and Training Centre

 This centre  is a subsidiary of SCI, but with an independent organizational chart and tasked with such duties as study for determining priorities and doing research work in the field of  statistics production methods ,statistical analysis, data processing and extraction  and statistical  information dissemination. Communication with scientific  and research institutions at home and abroad, holding specialized statistical courses and scientific and research seminars, publication of books and journals in related fields and presenting the most recent statistical data required by researchers are also among this centre’s duties.