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Household Expenditure and Income

Decile: expenditure of consuming population sorted on the basis of the goods and services charges divided into ten equal groups.

Expenditure: monetary value of goods procured or services provided by the household via purchase, domestic production, against service and free receipts from different organizations, for own consumption or as gift to others.

Gross expenditure: household expenditure without reducing the income from sale of used goods.

Net expenditure: gross expenditure less the income from sale of used goods. Where the value of the sold goods is more than the purchased goods, the result is published as a negative figure.

Income: all the sums and value of goods received by the household for the job done or capital invested or from other sources (retirement pension, occasional income, etc.) during the enumeration. In this survey, various net incomes are as follows:

1. Net wage and salary income of public, cooperative and private sectors: income of all the wage and salary earners of the household inpublic, cooperative and private sectors after deduction of the tax and retirement allowance.

2. Agricultural self-employment income: the income of the members of the household as employer or own account worker in agricultural sector after deduction of job on costs. On costs covers paid wage and salary, primary material charges, non-durable appliances, amortization, other production charges and job taxes.

3. Non-agricultural self-employment income: income of the members of the household as employer or own account worker in non-agricultural self-employment sector, after deduction of job on costs.

4. Miscellaneous income: all sums and goods value the household has received through ways other than its members employment, such as selling of the home-made manufactures, retirement pension, rental of movable and immovable assets, dividend, and charity and social security organization aids.