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Manufacturing sector is one of the principle components in the Economic Development Plans. To assess and realize the goals determined for the manufacturing sector, availability of updated and accurate statistics in this sector is very essential.

In order to identify the industrial structure of the country, provide information needed for planning on industrial development, assess the results of these plans, and formulate the proper economic policies; the Statistical Centre of Iran implemented the survey on Manufacturing Establishments with 10 and More Workers in 1390[1] as previous years. It is obvious that annual data collection will be done after finalizing the financial accounts of manufacturing establishments; thus, in this survey, the data of preceding year (1389) was collected.

It should be mentioned that in the survey, the data on manufacturing establishments with 10-49 workers for 14 provinces were collected by sampling method and the data  related to the remaining provinces as well as manufacturing establishments with 50 and more workers  was collected  through a census.

In this survey about 525 persons at different executive levels (enumerator, reviser, data entry operator, expert, and senior expert) cooperated with the Statistical Centre of Iran.