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International Cooperation of the Statistical Centre of Iran

The Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) enhances its international relations and cooperation through the exchange of international information on statistics and participating in international statistical activities. The SCI carries out various international cooperation activities, such as sending statistical experts to other countries for delivering lectures or providing consultation and hosting training course/ workshops for the member states of UNESCAP/SIAP and ECO in the response to requests from international organizations. The SCI also has been regularly exchanging statistical missions with the Republic of Korea. The SCI contributes to promote capacity building through these activities. 
 International Statistical Activities of the SCI
 Participating in international statistical capacity building through hosting regional/ sub-regional and international meetings/ workshops/ training courses in collaboration with overseas organizations/ universities.
The SCI promotes exchanging of information and views from an international perspective by hosting regional and sub-regional meeting/ workshops in collaboration with international organizations/ universities since 1999. 
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Communications Policy Workshop for Government Agencies Organized by UNFPA, 16-18 October 2017- Tehran- Statistical Centre of Iran 
 Attendance in international statistical conferences
 The SCI dispatches experts as the Iranian delegations to participate in the session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC), which is held every year.
 The SCI also dispatches experts to international conferences and seminars, workshops/ training courses, etc. which are organized by the United Nations Statistics Division(UNSD), the International Labour Organization (ILO), SIAP, UNESCO, FAO, SESRIC ,etc.

Second Statistical Leadership Training of Heads of NSOs -27 to 28 March 2018 | Chiba, Japan
 Participation in other International Statistical Activities
 The SCI is participating in various international statistical activities such as implementing international recommendations for example customizing and implementing ISIC rev.4 in accordance to the structure of Iranian economy entitled "Classification of Economic Activities in Iran, Implementation of National Quality Assurance Framework(NQAF) International Comparison Program (ICP) and the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS), which are implemented in accordance with respective international standards and guidelines, implementing SNA 2008. Translating SNA 2008 into Persian for Persian speaking countries which is available at:


 International Cooperation in Different Areas
 Technical cooperation programs
 The SCI sends statistical experts to other countries on a request basis for technical cooperation, for example, for CPI in Afghanistan. The SCI also invites trainees in response to requests from the NSOs of foreign countries and gives lectures for them.
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Training Course on 'International Trade Statistics' at Central Statistics Organization (CSO) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 8-10 January 2017 by SCI staff
 Bilateral cooperation
 The SCI has been promoting exchanges of statistical missions with the Republic of Korea almost every year. It has been regularly exchanging missions with the Republic of Korea since 2007. The SCI strengthened its cooperative relationship by signing a number of Memorandum of Understandings with the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in March 2009, National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia in December 2013, with Statistics Division of Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in May 2014, with the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistical cooperation in September 2014 and with the Central Statistics Organization of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in January 2015.

Visiting  Korean delegation  To the SCI within MOU between SCI and KOSTAT
 Cooperation With Un-related Agencies
Statistical Centre of Iran has close cooperation with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Iran within the Country 5- year Programme.  Signing Memorandum of Understanding for the Implementation of UNFPA-Funded WORKPLANS relating to the UNFPA within the 6Th UNFPA Country Programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

 Receiving visitors from abroad
 The SCI welcomes overseas statistical missions visiting Iran for specific purposes and provides delegates of international organizations and researchers as well as the official of foreign embassies in Iran with information and data as requested within the I.R. of Iran Laws and Regulations.

Visit to SCI by the H.E. Ambassador Musa Kulaklikaya, Director General of Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) - 17 January 2018.
 Exchanging information and comments with International Organizations and Ad hoc Users
The SCI, as a national statistical focal point, regularly provides statistics to international organizations and different users such as UNSD, ILO, FAO, IMF, ECO…., students, researchers,..  upon their request through completing the questionnaire or providing them with available information. It also provides some comments on the received statistical documents as requested.

 Exchanging publications
 The Statistical Centre of Iran used to provide its overseas publications subscribers with hard copy of publications based on its mailing lists updated every three years through the renewal form. Due to the change in its overseas publication exchange policy, some English versions of publications are no longer published as a hard copy, but they are published on CD/ DVD and sent to the subscribers. The soft copy of the publications are also available on the SCI’s website:


 Meeting overseas users’ needs
One of the main policies of the SCI is to meet overseas users’ statistical needs. Users should send their request to the International Cooperation Section of the SCI at and this Section sends the requests to the related thematic offices in the SCI and then the responses received are sent back to the users.

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