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CPI by Provinces in the Month of Ordibehesht of the Year 1398

CPI by Provinces in the Month of Ordibehesht of the Year 1398[1]

All Households

In the month of Ordibehesht[2] of the year 1398, the nation’s households general index (1395=100) stood at 173.5 which increased by 1.5 percent compared with the previous month. In this month, the province of Ilam saw the highest monthly inflation rate of the national households with a 4.1 percent increase and the lowest monthly inflation rate went to Hormozgan province with a 0.3 percent rise. Percentage change of general index for the national households was 52.1 percent in contrast to the corresponding month of the previous year (point to point inflation).

The highest point to point inflation rate was for Bushehr province with 65.3 percent and the lowest one was for Hormozgan province with 43.5 percent. That is to say that the households residing in Bushehr province spent, on average, 13.2 percent more than the nation's total mean, and the households living in Hormozgan province spent, on average, 8.6 percent less than the nation’s total mean compared with the month of Ordibehesht of the year 1397 for purchasing the “same range of goods and services”. The twelve-month inflation rate ending the month of Ordibehesht of the year 1398 for the national households stood at 34.2 percent. The highest twelve-month inflation rate went to Kordestan province with 41.0 percent and the lowest one was for Qom province with 28.6 percent. The twelve-month inflation rate gap of provinces in the month of Ordibehesht was 12.4 percent indicating a 1.3 percentage point rise over the previous month.


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[1]- It is the Iranian year which usually begins on the day of 21 March of the Gregorian calendar. To find the corresponding year of the Gregorian calendar, add 621 or 622 (depending on the time of the year) to a solar Hijri year.  For example the corresponding year of the year 1397 in the Gregorian calendar is (21 March 2018-20 March 2019).

2- Iranian months and their equivalent in Gregorian calendar

Farvardin (21 March-20April)                                                           Mehr (23 September-22 October)

Ordibehesht (21 April-21 May)                                                         Aban (23 October-21 November)  

Khordad (22 May-21 June)                                                                Azar (22 November-21 December)

Tir (22 June-22 July)                                                                          Dey (22 December-20 January)

Mordad  (23 July-22 August)                                                             Bahman (21 January-19 February)

Shahrivar (23 August-22 September)                                                 Esfand (20 February-20 March)



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