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The Fourth National Input-Output Conference in Iran

            The Fourth National Input-Output Conference in Iran

Faculty of Economics and Institute for Economic Sciences,

                                 Allameh - Tabatabaʹi University, Tehran, Iran

                             February, 2016

Up to now, three National Conferences on Input-Output Techniques and their applications in the Iranian economy have been held in Iran;   such numbers of input-output conferences are unique among the Middle East  Countries.  The first Conference was held in the Faculty of Economics, Allameh Tabatabaʹi University (ATU) in collaboration with the Statistical Centre of Iran in November 1997. More than 200 persons across the country had participated in it and 18 papers were presented at the Conference. The Faculty of Economics, ATU hosted the Second Conference in March 2002 in collaboration with the Statistical Centre of Iran, Central Bank of the I.R. Iran and the Management and Planning Organization of Iran. We were lucky to have Prof. Karen Polenske as a keynote speaker in the Conference. Twenty-eight papers were presented at the Conference attended by about 250 participants from all around the country.

In March 2009, the Faculty of Economics, ATU, successfully hosted the Third National Input-Output Conference in which around 300 individuals from all parts of the country participated and 38 papers were presented.

The Conference Council has decided that the Fourth National Conference should be held in Feb. 2016, in the Faculty of Economics and the Institute for Economic Sciences, ATU, Tehran, Iran, with the financial support of Statistical Centre of Iran and the Islamic Parliament Research Centre; two other Iranian universities, namely, Alzahra University and Mazandaran University are to actively participate in the Conference. The following eight themes have been approved by the Conference Council:

1- Theoretical Basis of Supply-Use Tables and Methods of Estimation of

    Symmetric IOT

2- Evaluation of Compilation of IOTs in Iran.

3- Evaluation of Methods of Updating IOTs.

4- Physical and Monetary IOTs.

5- Evolution of Factor Contents in International Trade Theory.

6- Theoretical Development of Input-Output Models in Short-run and

      Long-run Analysis

7- Application of IO, SAM and CGE in: Resilience, Energy, Subsidies, Heath,

     Services, Environments, and

8- Methods of Estimation of RIOTs and their Applications.

In addition, the Conference Council would like to invite foreign researchers to attend the Fourth National Input-Output Conference and have their valuable contribution by presenting their papers. It should be mentioned that although the  official language of the Conference  is Persian, it will be possible to allocate  some  time slots in   a  number  of  sessions for  presentation  of the paper(s) in English.

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