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Holding Workshop on Transitioning to Register-based Census in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The workshop on Transitioning to Register-based Census in the Islamic Republic of Iran   was held from 13 to 15 June 2022 in Tehran, I.R.I in a hybrid mode.  

Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh, Deputy Head of Plan and Budget Organization and Head of the Statistical Center (SCI) of Iran in his opening message at the workshop indicated: With the beginning of the new solar Hijri century, the Statistical Center of Iran has defined its motto as “Entering the New Century with Data Governance” and in line with the macro-level policies of the nation, transitioning to Register-based Censuses has been included in the agenda of the SCI. In this regard, utilizing the facilities and capabilities of the line ministries, government agencies and other executive bodies as well as using the capacities of the UN-related agencies in the Islamic Republic of Iran are deemed essential factors to materialize this great national plan. He added: “It is also necessary to benefit from the best practices and successful experiences of other countries through sharing and exchanging technical know-how and expertise in this field so that it can also facilitate and accelerate the realization of this valuable goal.

The workshop ended with a message from Mr. Seyed Nematollah Mirfallah Nassiri, the Deputy Head for Statistical Surveys and Register-based Statistics of the Statistical Centre of Iran. He described the workshop as a great success for all stakeholders and called the transitioning to the Register-based Census, one of the main goals of the SCI in modernizing the national statistical system (NSS) in Iran. He added: “nowadays, with respect to the necessity of implementing data governance nationwide, materializing this historic and decisive approach, namely transitioning from the traditional approach of census-taking to a register-based one, using experiences of other countries and point of views of the well-informed experts as well as maximizing the application of the new technologies in this field have become more important than before for the SCI”. In his closing remarks, he also expressed his gratitude to the United Nations Population Fund, the Turkish Statistical Institute, and Statistics Norway for their cooperation and participation in holding the Workshop. Mr. Nassiri also acknowledged the efforts of Professor Helge Brunborg, UNFPA Senior Expert who professionally facilitated and managed the workshop, as well as thanked all of the participants and those in the SCI and UNFPA who were involved in the arrangements of the Workshop for their active participation and cooperation which led to the success of this event.


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