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News Conference on the Iranian 2011 Population and Housing Census Results

Dr Adel Azar, Head, Statistical Centre of Iran participated at the news Conference organized for this topic  on 24 July 2012 in the Statistical Centre of Iran and released the detailed results of the Census. He talked about the latest statistics from the 2011 Census on total population, sex ratio, population growth, age composition and structure of the population, household head and size, population characteristics by religion, citizenship, marital status, literacy rate and education, migration, housing characteristics and facilities available to the household.

According to the new findings, the total population in 2011 is 75149669, of which 50.4 percent are males and 49.6 percent are females. Moreover, 28.5 percent of the total population reside in rural areas and 71.4 percent in urban areas. Results tell that life expectancy for females is 74.6 years but for males it is 72.2 years.

Dr Azar said that the collection of data related to the public’s National code, use of PDA set for data collection in sample areas, Computer Assisted Coding( CAS) of census items, developing registration system for registering  executive census staff, mechanized area delimitation, e-learning for census affairs, developing a frame for up-coming national agriculture census to be conducted in 2013 and developing a frame for maternal mortality upon request of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education are among innovations of the 2011 Census.

It is noteworthy that the 2011 Population and Housing Census was taken from 24 October to 13 November 2011 for 21 days. A total of 113500 staff participated in the field operation. Moreover, 54524 enumerators went to each address in the assignment area in 31 provinces, 397 Shahrestans (sub-provinces), 1331 Shahrs (city/town), 96549 villages to complete the appropriate questionnaire (either short form or long form) for the housing unit and its occupants.


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