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Iran’s Pilot Census of Agriculture

 Iran’s Pilot Census of Agriculture

1- 20 December 2012

 Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) conducts Pilot Census of Agriculture from 1- 20 December 2012 in three provinces: East Azerbaijan, Fars and the City of Lahijan in Gilan  as sample areas for the implementation of the pilot census. The aim of the pilot census is to examine   the tablet as the main instrument in data collection, probable errors and problems that may occur during the implementation of the main census which is scheduled to be taken in 2013.  In the 2013 Census of Agriculture, tablets are going to be used for data collection for the first time in the history of census as a replacement for census paper-based forms.  To this end, the SCI has created the integrated software for e-survey/census. This software is to be tested in the pilot census.

It is aimed to expedite data collection and to increase accuracy and quality of the census data. In the Pilot Census, two e- questionnaires, the questionnaire on holdings with 819 information items and the questionnaire on village with 46 questions, are completed.

It should be mentioned that the last census of agriculture was conducted in 2003. Its results showed that there were 4,301,268 agricultural holdings in the country. The area of Agricultural land in the total country is 17,665,203.  

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