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Survey of National Modern Chicken Farms

In the Name of the Most High

Statistical Center of Iran has carried out the Survey of National Modern Chicken Farms In July 2012.  Due to the importance of raising of the poultry in modern way in the Nation’s economy and its significant role in supplying the people’s protein, this Survey is considered as one of the key surveys of the Statistical Center of Iran.

Aiming at the collection of the necessary statistics and information for planning and conducting economic studies on the nation’s poultry industry, the survey has been carried out. In order to carry out this survey, the latest existing list from the broiler chicken farms in the year 1388 and from the layer chicken farms in the year 1390   was used as the basic list.

 A number of 12925 man-day enumerators, checkers, group leaders and experts plus 4182  unit-day cars  have been employed in this survey.

Based on the results of this survey, there have been 1350 layer chicken farms in the country out of which 1133 units were in operation and the rest (217 units) were not in operation in the year 1391.

Also, on the basis of the same survey and the available information & statistics, the layer chicken farms have had 4358 halls with a capacity of 71 million layer chickens in 1391, which shows a 4% increase comparing to the last survey (the year 1390)

The eggs production in the layer chicken farms in 1390 was 559 thousand tons, which has decreased 125 thousand tons (18%) in contrast to the last survey. According to the report received, the outbreak of disease in the first half of the year 1390 was one of the reasons for the egg production drop in the main egg-producing provinces. 

 The summary of the results  is available in agricultural section of thematic statistics on the SCI’s website.     

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