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Description: Average Annual Expenditure of an Urban Household in the Year 1391 (21 March 2012-20 March 2013):16 Million rials The Income and Expenditure Survey which dates back to 50 years ago in Iran, is one of the most important surveys of the Statistical Center of Iran. The major goal of the Survey is to estimate average income and expenditure of urban an... More »
Description: A Summary Report on Price of Land And Rental Price of Residential Buildings in the Summer 2012 Released by the Statistical Centre Of Iran Average price per square meter of land or land of dilapidated residential buildings transacted in real estate agencies in Tehran has been 52764 thousand Rials, representing a decrease of 9.6 % compared with... More »
Description: Unemployment Rate in Autumn 2013: 10.3 Percent. The results of the Labor Force Survey (LFS) in autumn 2013 were released by the Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI). The review of unemployment rate among population aged 10 and over shows that 10.3% of the economically active population (employed and unemployed) were unemployed. Review of the ch... More »