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Description: CPI by Provinces in the Month of Azar of the Year 1397[1] Total Households In the month of Azar[2] of the year 1397, the nation’s household general index (1395=100) stood at 151.7 which increased by 2.6 percent compared to the previous month. In this month, the province of Bushehr sees the highest monthly inflation rate of the nation&rs... More »
Description: Average Price of Selected Food Items in Urban Areas in the Month of Azar[1] of the Year 1397[2] In the Month of Azar of the year 1397, the price of tomato, onion, and Golden Delicious (apple) experienced the highest increase with 15.9, 15.8, and 9.5 percent, respectively in comparison with the previous month (The month of Aban of the year1... More »
Description: Total Country Consumer Price Index by the Expenditure Deciles: in the Month of Azar[1] of the year 1397[2] Total country inflation rate for the month of Azar of the year 1397 stood at 18.0 percent, which is fluctuating between 17.1 percent for the first decile (those with the lowest income) to 19.5 percent for the tenth decile(those with th... More »