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Description: The producer price index (PPI) of the services sectors cover eight categories including "repair of motor vehicles, motorcycle and personal and household goods", " hotels and restaurants"," transport, storage and communications", " financial intermediation (insurance)", " real estate, rent and business ac... More »
Description: The general index of the producer price index for Modern Poultry Farms Products in the summer of the year 1396* reached 265.36 which increased by 5.88 percent in comparison with the previous season (quarterly inflation) and 10.29 percent in contrast to the corresponding season in the previous year (point-to-point inflation). The chicken group and... More »
 Iran’s Economic Quarterly Report (e-publication) in Persian- Spring, the Year 1396
Description: Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI), as the sole legal focal point for disseminating the nation’s official statistics has disseminated “Iran’s Economic Quarterly Report, spring of the year 13961” in Persian to picture economic situation of the country and meet the needs of planners, decision-makers and researchers in this conne... More »
Description: Producer Price Index for modern cattle farms’ products reached 237.33 in the summer of the year 1396 which experienced a 3.0 percent increase compared to the previous season (seasonal inflation) and a 9.55 percent growth over the corresponding season of the previous year ( point-to point inflation). In the season under study, the index of... More »