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Description: CPI by Provinces in the Month of Mehr of the Year 1398[1] All Households In the month of Mehr[2] of the year 1398, the national households general index (1395=100) reached 184.9 which increased by 1.7 percent compared with the previous month. In this month, the province of Kerman saw the highest monthly inflation rate of the national househol... More »
Description: National Consumer Price Index by Expenditure Deciles: in the Month of Mehr[1] of the year 1398[2] The national inflation rate for the month of Mehr of the year 1398 stood at 42.0 percent, fluctuating between 41.7 percent for the first decile (those with the lowest income) and 43.9 percent for the tenth decile (those with the highest income)... More »
Description: Consumer Price Index in the Month of Mehr of the Year 1398[1] Decrease in National Point-to-Point Inflation Rate Point-to-Point Inflation rate refers to the percentage change in the price index in comparison with the last corresponding month of the previous year. The point-to-point inflation rate in the month of Mehr2 of the year 1398 reache... More »