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Description: According to the results of the 2016 Population and Housing Census, the mean age at first marriage for women dropped by 0.4 year in the year 1395 (21 March 2016- 20 March 2017) as compared to the year 2011 (21 March 2011- 20 March 2012); accordingly, the mean age at first marriage for women in the total country decreased from 23.4 years in the year... More »
Description: The oil and non-oil GDP ( at constant 1376 prices) reached Rls.673094 billion and Rls. 641375 billion , respectively while these figures in the year 1394 (21 March 2015- 20 March 2016) were Rls. 621237 billion( including oil) and Rls 603494 billion (excluding oil), respectively; it shows that oil GDP rose 8.3 % and non-oil GDP grew 6.3% The me... More »
Description: 1- The general index (base year 1390=100) in the month of Farvardin (21 March -20 April 2017) of the year 1396 shows 244.9 which has increased 1.8 percent in contrast to the preceding month. The increase in the general index was 9.4 percent compared to the corresponding month in the previous year (point-to-point inflation), which grew 1.4 percenta... More »
Description: General Producer Price Index for modern cattle farms’ products reached 244.94 in the winter 1395 which experienced a 2.41 percent increase compared to the previous season and a 2.25 percent growth over the corresponding season of the previous year. The Inflation rate (percent of the change of four seasons ending to the given season or year in... More »
Visit of a delegation from Statistics Korea (South Korea) to the Statistical Centre of Iran (22 – 25 May, 2017, Tehran - Iran)
Description: A delegation from the Statistics Korea (South Korea) paid a visit to the Statistical Centre of Iran during 22– 23 May, 2017. This visit took place on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two organizations in May, 2014. During this visit, two sides made presentations on the following statistical areas: M... More »
Description: According to the results of the 2016 Population and Housing Census in I.R.Iran, population aged 30 accounts for the largest proportion of the total nation’s population. This population is 1 million and 329 thousand persons, namely 2.3 percent of the total population. It is necessary to mention that according to the results of the 2016 Populat... More »
Description: The Highlights of the Household Expenditure and Income Survey Results in Urban and Rural Areas in the Year 1394[1] The total average annual net expenditure spent by an urban household in the year 1394 was 262397 thousand rials, which increased 11.7 percent in comparison to the previous year. An urban household spent 62431 thousand rials, of the ... More »
Description: 1- The General CPI for the year 1395 reached 231.6 which rose by 6.8 percent in contrast to the preceding year. It also shows that the inflation rate dropped for the year 1395 in comparison to that of the year 1394 which was 11.3 percent. 2- The CPI for the major group of "Foods, Beverages and Tobacco" in this year reached 272.3, which increased ... More »