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Description: The new tables related to the results of the 2016 National Population and Housing Census were released on the National Statistical Portal. The Table on total population of the country, population in urban and rural areas by age groups and single ages is among the disseminated tables. According to this table, the total population of the country is... More »
Description: Quarterly time series has been published by the Statistical Centre of Iran. The time series are important sources for researchers and economic analysts as well as for the mass media in view of comparability of economic indices in various years. The published time series consist of 8 tables which cover the following topics: Gross dome... More »
Description: 1- The general index (base year 1390=100) in the month of Farvardin (21 March -20 April 2017) of the year 1396 shows 261.7 which has increased 2.8 percent in contrast to the preceding month. The general index was 11.6 percent compared to the corresponding month in the previous year (point-to-point inflation), which grew 2.3 percentage points over ... More »