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Description: Consumer Price Index in the Month of Tir of the Year 1398[1] Increase in All Households Inflation Rate The general index (base year: 1395=100) stood at 179.7 in the month of Tir[2] of the year 1398 indicating a 2.8 percent rise compared with the previous month. In this month, the percentage change in the general index was 48.0 percent in co... More »
Description: The national inflation rate for the month of Khordad of the year 1398 stood at 37.6 percent, fluctuating between 37.1 percent for the first decile (those with the lowest income) and 40.2percent for the tenth decile (those with the highest income), among the expenditure deciles. The range of the twelve-month inflation changes in the major group of &... More »
Description: CPI by Provinces in the Month of Khordad of the Year 1398[1] All Households In the month of Khordad[2] of the year 1398, the national households general index (1395=100) stood at 174.9 which increased by 0.8 percent compared with the previous month. In this month, the provinces of Gilan and Hormozgan saw the highest monthly inflation rate of ... More »
Description: Mr. Javad Hosseinzadehneyestani was appointed as the Head of the Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) as of 1 July 2019, succeeding Dr. Omid Ali Parsa. Mr. Hosseinzadeh used to be the Deputy Head for Economic Statistics and National Accounts of the SCI.