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Description: Consumer Price Index in the Month of Tir of the Year 1401 Increase in National Point-to-Point Inflation Rate The point-to-point inflation rate refers to the percentage change in the price index in comparison with the corresponding month in the previous year. The point-to-point inflation rate in the month of Tir2 of the year 1401 stood at 54.0... More »
Description: Summary Report on the Number of Small Livestock in Nationwide Livestock Farms In the spring, the year 1401[1], the number of small livestock in the livestock farms nationwide was estimated 73.7 million heads According to the results of the survey on “Measuring the Number and Products of Small Livestock” in the month of K... More »
Description: The workshop on Transitioning to Register-based Census in the Islamic Republic of Iran was held from 13 to 15 June 2022 in Tehran, I.R.I in a hybrid mode. Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh, Deputy Head of Plan and Budget Organization and Head of the Statistical Center (SCI) of Iran in his opening message at the workshop indicated: With the beginning of... More »
Description: CPI by Provinces in the Month of Khordad of the Year 1401 All Households In the month of Khordad of the year 1401, the households general index (1395=100) of the nation stood at 482.1 which increased by 12.2 percent compared to the previous month. During this month, the highest monthly inflation rate of the nationwide households was for Sista... More »