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Description: A Report on National Index (Consumer Price Index For the Country’s Households)
Description: The results of the 2016 Population and Housing Census show that the number of universities and higher education institutes’ graduates rose by 51.5 percent during the years 1390 to 1395[1]. Based on the results, number of universities and higher education institutes’ graduates in the year 1395 was 9 million 638 thousand 853 students, ... More »
Description: Based on the results of the 2016 National Housing and Population Census, between the years 1390[1] and 1395, a number of 516922 people have migrated to Tehran province from other provinces The results of the 2016 Census demonstrate that Alborz province with 50885 persons has had the highest migration to Tehran during the mentioned 5 years follo... More »
Description: Dollar Value Changes of the Country’s Foreign Trade (Merchandise) in Various Economic Sectors (Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry, Fisheries, Mining and Manufacturing), Excluding Oil and Gas (Natural Gas and Condensates) and Suitcase Trading, Based on the Statistics Released by the Iran Customs Administration in the spring of the Year 1396 ... More »
Description: Producer Price Index (PPI) is an index for measuring changes in the average price received by domestic producers for production of goods and services over a given period of time (base year). In fact, producer price index shows the trend of changes in the average price of goods and services produced in the country from the perspective of producers. ... More »
Description: Agricultural products, from the production finishing stage to the final consumption have diverse prices due to different factors, which are commonly called farm gate price, wholesale price and retail price. In order to reach a price which solely comes from agricultural activities, it is necessary to omit elements such as transportation and warehous... More »
Description: The producer price index (PPI) of the services sectors cover eight categories including "Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycle and personal and household goods", "Hotels and restaurants"," transport, storage and communications", "financial intermediation (insurance)", "real estate, rent and business activ... More »
Description: The Producer Price Index for Modern Poultry Farms Products in the Spring 1396* reached 250.63 which decreased by 3.77 percent in comparison with the previous season (quarterly inflation) and rose by 19.94 percent in comparison with the corresponding season in the previous year (point-to-point inflation). The group chicken and group egg dropped by ... More »
Description: The mean age of the Iranian population in the year 1395* was 31.1 years, which is 1.3 years higher than the mean age of the population in the year 1390. In the year 1395, the mean age for men was 30.9 and for women, 31.3 years. The mean age of the Iranian population in the year 1395 was 30 years, which is 3 years higher compared to the mean age in ... More »