Ranking the statistical consultants


10031105101: Ranking the statistical consultants


This service includes ranking and upgrading of the experts’ rank and names of Statistical Companies with Qualification Certificate for Providing Statistical Services to conduct survey activities, statistical studies, official assessment, judging, court, and a set of professional activities in this field nationwide.


  • Who can use this service?

- Statistical consultants, contractors and consulting companies

  • Documents needed for providing services:

- For natural persons: ID documents, educational certificate, professional CV, admission in exam

- For legal persons: ID documents, educational certificate, professional CV of company board members, and company registration documents

  • How long does it take to receive the statistics?

The forms can be completed in the System for Qualification Recognition of The Statistical Consulting Firms online at any time without any time restriction.

  • The steps to receive services

Visiting System for Qualification Recognition of the Statistical Consulting Firms

- Registration in the system

- Completing forms and uploading the related documents
- Receiving and evaluating the applicant’s documents by the concerned expert

- Assessing the uploaded forms and performing needed inquiries

- Ranking or upgrading rank and informing the applicants of the results


  • The fee for providing services

-This service is free of charge.

  • How to provide the services

The service can be provided online via e-mail as well as the post.


Last updated: 23 February 2022