Statistical information dissemination


10031102100: Statistical information dissemination


Dissemination of Statistical Information


This service provides the latest information on the results of censuses surveys, sampling surveys, and registers which are disseminated through the national statistical portal or MyStat Application.

  1. National Statistical Portal
  • Who can use it

Everyone can use the national statistical portal and access its statistics.

  • Needed documents to receive the requested services

There is no need to provide any document to enjoy this service.

  • How long does it take to receive services?

All services are provided online and the users can access them at anytime

  • The steps to receive the services

-The users can enter the portal without any registration

- The users can obtain their needed statistics.

  • Fee for statistics

All information on the Portal can be used free of charge.

  • How to provide services

The national statistical portal is the gateway for the national statistical system managed by the Statistical Centre of Iran.  This national portal provides the users with the latest information and statistics collected from the statistical surveys and censuses as e-version and online.


B. MyStat Application

  • Who can use it
  • Everyone can use this application.
  • Needed documents to receive this service?

There is no need to provide any document to enjoy this application.

  • How long does it take to receive this service?

The users can download and install the App without providing any special document. 

  • The steps to receive the service

- Installing the MyStat App from the national statistical portal ( and installing it by users

Getting information on important statistical indicators

  • Fee for receiving this service

Downloading and Installing of MyStat Application is free of charge for everyone.

  • How to provide services:

 The MyStat App is compatible with an Android 4.2.2 device and higher versions and can be downloaded and installed in such a device. This app can provide information on key statistical indicators such as population, man power, and economic indicators in the form of annual, quarterly and monthly reports at provincial and national levels. Connecting to the Web, users can be informed of the updates on these indicators and also see data charts 


Last Update: 23 February 2022